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It has been long.

It has been awhile.

Half of you guys must be thinking what has this flaker been up to? You can accredit my absence to a new dog, crying foster puppies, side projects, portfolio making, new gardening interest, the loaf in the oven, the pimple on my cheek and more excuses. Here's a cute ass photo of my dog to mollify your anger.

Ahem excuse the lipstick. Here's another one when he was a young pup.

His name is Timmy Timotheus Tam in case you're wondering. We came up with it thinking alliterations in names were cool. But don't laugh at his name or else he will feel sad. 

If any of y'all had a new puppy you'd know they suck the soul out of you. They are literally DEVILS. Cry, pee, poo, eat. That's what they do. We got so frustrated once and told him that we would flush him down the toilet bowl if he continued biting our ankles. That didn't work obviously because 1. he's too chubby 2. he speak dog. 

Yeah now it sounds like I'm blaming it on my dog for my absence like hey my dog ate my homework. (FYI IT DID HAPPEN ONCE AND NO ONE BELIEVED ME)

It's still not an excuse to not post anything on social media but I promise I'll try my hardest to update anything in the future. Been working on some stuff for Angst Child behind the scenes and I hope to get it out by next month.

Toodles Noodles 


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