September 28 2014
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angst child
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Meet the owner behind the store.


Lily - December 20 2015

I absolutely love your brand designs and it’s amazing that you’ve done this all on your own.
May I know where you buy and print the large amounts of t-shirts and other products?
Lots of love.

lola - December 14 2015

plsss pls pls make laptop cases I’ll buy one right away. I need one so much but I can’t find ONE design i like but I know know know I’d love the angst child laptop case

Meat Yuen - October 25 2015

Hello, I M from China. I want to buy your clothers,but i dont konw how to pay for it .Can you open a internet shop in China,such as TAOBAO. This company helps us to buy anything in the interne. If you can open a shop in this company.I think you will more popular . Please ,you can think of my idea, because i lovvvve your design very much.I hope you can give me a chance to wear your pretty clothes. :) :)

Coralie - September 22 2015

Hello Dear,
My name is Coralie. I have an instagram account (unreal_love_) with currently 14,1k subscribers. I wish I had the great opportunity to partner with you. I would like to know under the conditions they please.
I took you in advance to accept my best regards,
Thank you,
Coralie Coeuille

Hannah - September 16 2015

You inspired me so much I love you -from ph

Irene - September 15 2015


I was so interested in the No Face backpack before but totally missed out on purchasing it :( !!
I was just wondering if there was by any chance that it would be available again? (I REALLY HOPE SO)


TL - September 14 2015

Hi Yen! I’ve been a fan of your work since you had 8k on insta. I own a few of your products and really love them. I’ve been using your tropical phone case religiously (: Watching your shop grow and witnessing how successful you’ve become really made me feel all warm inside, ahahahha! I love how you’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of your products, to ensure that all buyers get the best out of whatever they bought. So I understand the need to increase the price to match the quality. BUTTT ): ): ): Your things are getting really expensive ): I wanna buy so much from you, but I can’t afford them T.T Regardless, I’m really happy for you (: Long live angstchild <3

Bobby - August 01 2015

Hi Yen, I love all that you’ve put out and into this brand. I especially love the new “Aura” design and I think it would look really great on a white sweater. I was also hoping that you might begin to make phone cases for Alcatel one tough pop astro. If you take this comment into consideration, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anja - July 19 2015

I really like your style but I have 2 “questions”. It would be nice if you could make the phonecases also for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and it would be very cool if you would make some backpacks or beanies ir smth like that. So if you read that, I just wanted to say that you have to keep doing your thing, it’s great!

hihi - June 11 2015

Hi Yen!!!!!!!!!!

hihi - June 11 2015


sam ong - March 24 2015

hi ilove u from ph

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