September 28 2014
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angst child
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Meet the owner behind the store.


Miri - November 22 2018

Hi Yen! I’m a fan! Love your designs! See you soon xx

Natasha Volckies - November 22 2018

There are thrift shops in SG?! Do share some!!

Lía - November 22 2018

I love your work , it is the 2nd time I start at your shop and would recommend . I support you?
Good continuation!

phoebe - November 22 2018

love your brand it’s so unique and aesthetic

m3rmaid - November 22 2018

Hi! It’s so refreshing to know alittle more about you and how angst child cAme about. I think it’s awesome as hell that you’ve achieved such a successful business all on your own at only the age of 20. I am a big fan of your clothing line :-) i hope you never close angst child and continue to be more sucessful!

Lily - December 20 2015

I absolutely love your brand designs and it’s amazing that you’ve done this all on your own.
May I know where you buy and print the large amounts of t-shirts and other products?
Lots of love.

lola - December 14 2015

plsss pls pls make laptop cases I’ll buy one right away. I need one so much but I can’t find ONE design i like but I know know know I’d love the angst child laptop case

Meat Yuen - October 25 2015

Hello, I M from China. I want to buy your clothers,but i dont konw how to pay for it .Can you open a internet shop in China,such as TAOBAO. This company helps us to buy anything in the interne. If you can open a shop in this company.I think you will more popular . Please ,you can think of my idea, because i lovvvve your design very much.I hope you can give me a chance to wear your pretty clothes. :) :)

Coralie - September 22 2015

Hello Dear,
My name is Coralie. I have an instagram account (unreal_love_) with currently 14,1k subscribers. I wish I had the great opportunity to partner with you. I would like to know under the conditions they please.
I took you in advance to accept my best regards,
Thank you,
Coralie Coeuille

Hannah - September 16 2015

You inspired me so much I love you -from ph

Irene - September 15 2015


I was so interested in the No Face backpack before but totally missed out on purchasing it :( !!
I was just wondering if there was by any chance that it would be available again? (I REALLY HOPE SO)


TL - September 14 2015

Hi Yen! I’ve been a fan of your work since you had 8k on insta. I own a few of your products and really love them. I’ve been using your tropical phone case religiously (: Watching your shop grow and witnessing how successful you’ve become really made me feel all warm inside, ahahahha! I love how you’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of your products, to ensure that all buyers get the best out of whatever they bought. So I understand the need to increase the price to match the quality. BUTTT ): ): ): Your things are getting really expensive ): I wanna buy so much from you, but I can’t afford them T.T Regardless, I’m really happy for you (: Long live angstchild <3

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