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Meet the owner behind the store.

"I'm not sure who I am or what I am doing. But that's okay."


Tell us who you are, your age, where you live and more specifically what you do.
I'm Yen and will be turning 20 years old this November. Nearly everyone on the internet thinks I'm like 25 and I'm still not quite sure why. I live in Singapore and am pretty okay with this place. What do I do? I do sleep and eat. Occasionally procrastinating work and school. 

What is your height?
5'6 feet or 167cm

Do you run angst child alone?
Yep. I use help on and off but I will always deal with e-mails and customer services myself.
Why is your brand angst child?
Living and designing for those who are born in generation angst basically. I believe the name actually reflects me and anyone who supports my label. Also, yes I'm aware of the grammar mistake in "angst child" but I kinda like it. I'm obviously too angsty to even grammar.
How did you start angst child?
I started as an insta shop selling my own pre-loved clothes by the name of "chopstickpiak" and the response was okay for a newly start up shop so I brought in clothes from manufacturers to sell. It progressed and I got good response but I wasn't happy. I hated the fact that I was only bringing in things everyone else could so I shut down my website for good. I believe I was in a mini existential crisis for awhile and it took me around a month or two for me to make a comeback as "angst child". From here, Angst Child started getting known (for god knows what reasons that i cannot fathom) and my followers count on instagram slowly climbed up to where it is today. (Thank you if you're one of my supportive followers, y'all are the best.)
Any advice for people wanting to start their own brand?
Be different. Or painfully common. Never settle for anything in between. Share your brand with all your friends. Which frankly I never did but I guess it was just my personality. But if you're a social butterfly, share it. Your friends will greatly appreciate and support you like mine did now that they have found out. If you're not willing to then the next easiest thing to do is to engage yourself in local fleas and night markets or convince a local boutique to sell your designs. I'm a selectively social person so it took me a long time to learn to do fleas and engage myself in local promotions. Promotions that require actual social skills freaks me out but I try. It will also help if you have a friend or someone close to help out.

Describe your design in a sentence?
"Diluted rainbow." 90% of my designs are grayscale.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Tumblr, Instagram, the streets, food, my next door neighbour's puppy — he looks like an adorable fat sheep but he's actually a poodle with a huge appetite.

What is your fashion style?
I'm not a girly girl. I like jeans, shirts, t-shirts, denim, flannels, sweaters, sneakers, boots. Lines, textures, tones and layering is more important to me than a loud statement piece of clothing article. Ngl I do like dressing myself like i'm going to a festival (i think the term for it is boho chic) but only when I feel like it. I mostly prefer dressing like a hobo though.

Tips on how to dress angst child T-shirts?
Monochrome, denim, sick trainers. You will never go wrong with these dress codes.

What labels other than your own do you like?
There is actually a difference between labels that I love and labels that I can afford. I love love love Public School and Acne which are under the "fucking expensive" category. Brands that I love which are slightly more affordable are Zara, Asos and Monki. These brands are also rather expensive. For days when the hole in my wallet is too big to ignore, I find that thrifting is the way to go. It actually helps that I'm all about layering basics because basics are really easy to find in your local thrift shops. I'm a shoe junkie though, I frequent Unif, Y.R.U, Miista, Vagabond, T.B.A and Nike—which is probably where all my money went.

Thank you for reading this boring pile of word vomit.


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so aesthetic damn

Isabella R

Tbh I love your designs alot. Your clothing is unique and not basic like others (in my opinion). But I think you should make backpacks or purses. But my favorite thing you sell are probably the phone cases. Oh and btw if you could in the future or if you had time can you think about including or creating iPod cases bc I think your cases are pretty asf lmao . I have the iPod 5th generation and I really want the black grid or white grid case. Well if you read this I just wanted to say keep making your stuff cause its life.


I love all of your products and I just ordered a couple of them.

You are very inspirational person, keep it up!


I find the way you express yourself and handle situations to be quite inspirational. I love your styles and find myself envying you whenever I see your ig. I wish you best of luck. Love you


Get help with your shoe addiction!

While you recuperate in the rehabilitation centre, show us more of your sassy designs!


DAEBAK. I love your good personal branding!


i’m so in love with your styles

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