September 28 2014
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Meet the owner behind the store.


Bobby - August 01 2015

Hi Yen, I love all that you’ve put out and into this brand. I especially love the new “Aura” design and I think it would look really great on a white sweater. I was also hoping that you might begin to make phone cases for Alcatel one tough pop astro. If you take this comment into consideration, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anja - July 19 2015

I really like your style but I have 2 “questions”. It would be nice if you could make the phonecases also for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and it would be very cool if you would make some backpacks or beanies ir smth like that. So if you read that, I just wanted to say that you have to keep doing your thing, it’s great!

hihi - June 11 2015

Hi Yen!!!!!!!!!!

hihi - June 11 2015


sam ong - March 24 2015

hi ilove u from ph

Paris - March 04 2015

much love and respect ➶

Chloby - February 21 2015

my eyes have just witnessed sheer style

Cole M. - January 20 2015

I think it’s absolutely amazing that you’ve started such a successful and prosperous business at such a young age, I only wish the best for you and this shop. I’ve been following the instagram for a little while and I really enjoy what I’ve been seeing. when I’m not completely broke (as per usual) I’ll have to snag a tee or iPhone case.

alice - December 31 2014

so aesthetic damn

Isabella R - December 01 2014

Tbh I love your designs alot. Your clothing is unique and not basic like others (in my opinion). But I think you should make backpacks or purses. But my favorite thing you sell are probably the phone cases. Oh and btw if you could in the future or if you had time can you think about including or creating iPod cases bc I think your cases are pretty asf lmao . I have the iPod 5th generation and I really want the black grid or white grid case. Well if you read this I just wanted to say keep making your stuff cause its life.

Fukaijpg - November 13 2014

I love all of your products and I just ordered a couple of them.

You are very inspirational person, keep it up!

Emily - November 02 2014

I find the way you express yourself and handle situations to be quite inspirational. I love your styles and find myself envying you whenever I see your ig. I wish you best of luck. Love you

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