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Some findings.

Time to make full use of this blog space. Gave some thought to it and figured I could share craft tutorials and lifestyle finds.

This week, I will share some of my discoveries. 


Recently, I got an aroma diffuser from MUJI which I've been using it for about a month. For those who don't know what an aroma diffuser is, it is a machine that disperses fragrance using essential oils. It works by "using ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and the essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist." Don't panic. I don't know what that means either. What you need to know is that this product is a relaxant and a life saver. It also makes my room smell delicious so that is a plus.

I use to suffer from insomnia and took hours to fall asleep. It might be due to irregular sleeping hours from school work or more frankly, watching too many tv series into the night. I laid on the couch all day and the only exercise I got was from my head running all the time. (teary smile emoticon) 

Thankfully I found this diffuser and gone are the days I stare into the ceiling and think about tomorrow's dinner.

The essential oils used is very crucial for the best experience so I paired it with MUJI's own line of essential oils. I have to say the Japanese Cypress and Yuzu combo sold it for me. The blend smells earthy and very grounding. Imagine yourself stepping into the house in "My Neighbour Totoro". That would be the smell.  It reeks of Japan and I love it. I wish there was a smell feature on my laptop so I can send you a smell. Alas, modern technology is a disappointment.

A bird flies by, "But Yen you're the real disappointment."

I usually switch between the "Sleeping" blend and Japanese Cypress + Yuzu blend. Another brand I love is Rock Mountain Oils. They make organic essential oils that you can consume or use on your skin. I will probably make a separate post in the future for the full collection. (slurps)

If you don't have a MUJI store nearby you can actually get an aroma diffuser at any essential oils store. I chose to buy from MUJI only because I trust the brand. Frankly they can release a bag of sand and I would think it is genius. I would buy everything from them if I had the money. For now I am satisfied with excessive visits to MUJI and walking around like a creep without purchasing anything.

Come chant with me.

MUJI is life. MUJI is religion. 


M U J I   I S   L I F E   M U J I   I S   R E L I G I O N .

Before I burst into another episode of reverence, let's move on to the next item.

Another item that I'm in love with are these bracelets I crafted myself. They are semi-precious gemstones embellished with sterling silver Bali spacer beads.

P/S Skip the next part if you're allergic to boredom bc it's just me lecturing :-)

One thing to note is to always use hypoallergenic metals when making accessories that comes in contact with your skin. I use sterling silver because it is one of the metals that my skin doesn't react to. I have metal and fabric allergies so I need to take extra care in what I wear and put on my skin. What people don't know is that metal allergies can form anytime in your life so do your research—and allergy tests while you're at it. Most low quality beads—many from China—contains Nickel, Lead and many other irritating metals. The common cause of skin allergy reactions is Nickel. Even plated jewelry usually contains Nickel underneath the top coating and can cause people to have allergic reactions to it. Bottom line is, you will never know what your $2 bracelet contains. If you're worried about the cost, a cheap hypoallergenic alternative is Aluminium. 

The black bracelet above is made with Labradorite rondelle beads and Blue Lace Agate round beads. The white ones are made from White Howlite round beads. I just love how androgynous and minimalistic they are. Aside from it's appearance, the semi-precious gemstone beads gives me good vibes throughout the day.

Labradorite: reduces negative feelings and energies.
Blue Lace Agate: counteracts the repression and suppression of feelings caused by past fears, judgments, or rejections. 
White Howlite: Calms upset minds, heighten creativity and expand self-expression.


I cannot guarantee that the above excerpt from the internet is true even though we all know that the internet never lies. But I have to say, I did feel good wearing them and that's all that matters.

Plants. I love plants. They remind me very much of my late grandpa who had a knack for gardening. Unfortunately, I don't have the same green thumb and have to learn from trials and errors. Shout out to Tiny and Bud, I'm sorry for not protecting you guys. Tiny and Bud are cacti that I've accidentally killed in the past. I should write a book "Reasons why I fail at life". I could possibly release a series. 

Forgive me.

I've been buying and repotting many herbs, cacti and air plants recently. Repotting is nasty but the end product is always worth it. You get a healthier and prettier plant. And also more competition for oxygen at night (Glares aggressively at potted plant).


Cacti and air plants are very decorative and will make any space look amazing while herbs will give you enough garnish to last you a lifetime. 

If you're someone who is just getting into gardening, I would recommend you to start with cacti and air plants. You would just need to spray it every other day and they should strive. Do put the cactus in a well lit area so they can photosynthesise and make yum yums for themselves. 

The last thing I want to share is the RIGGA clothes rack by IKEA. This thing is a time saver. I don't like to immediately wash clothes after wearing it for a day. Call me nasty but I just don't think it's feasible to wash them especially when I have only worn it for a few hours. My dirty laundry needs a place for themselves and that is where this clothes rack comes in handy. I display my worn or often used clothes on it so I can easily identify and separate them.

Now I just sound like a crazy person who don't wash and display her dirty clothes for all to see and smell. Is that why I needed the aroma diffuser? Gasp.

This rack is only $29.90 SGD. The compartments at the side are sold separately at $11.90SGD. Bless IKEA and their dirt cheap furniture. 

Some people think IKEA furnitures don't last long, fall apart at the slightest nudge and that they are cheap crap but I've had no problems with them. They are not harmful to the environment and neither is it a pain to clean. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for well crafted, good quality furnitures but not everyone can afford that. For people on a budget, IKEA is the way to go.

That's it folks I'll have to end this post as it is getting a bit lengthy. I do sound like a middle aged stay at home housewife who just had her 5th child but I promise I will come up with better posts in the future. Possibly tutorials. I'm just glad that I can have a space to share about things with you guys. This ain't just a shop. I want to share and learn while doing what I love. (whispers) And possibly ruin my career in the process. Well done Yen. 

Anyway I want to give a hug to anyone who reached the end of this post. It has been a turbulent read

Till next time, stay positive and hydrated!


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Ooo, I think I need an aroma diffuser now! I too reuse barely worn clothes. You are flippin adorable, love your designs gotta cop some asap. Good luck in all that you do, thanks for sharing!

Hani Lutfi

Love the post! You should blog/write more because you’re an amazing person! <3

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